Vitamin/Nutrient Deficiency

Are you experiencing fatigue?
Have you had a loss of weight or appetite
Are you experiencing tingling in your hands
Do you have recurrent episodes of nausea and/or vomiting?
Do you experience skip heart beats or heart fluttering?
Do you experience anxiety or depression?
Have you gained weight unexpectedly?
Do you bruise easily?
Have you experienced a loss or reduction of muscle mass?
Do you have chronic diarrhea or constipation?
Are you experiencing excessive hair loss?
Do you have chronic digestive problems (GERD, IBS, abdominal pain)?
Do you experience recurrent numbness in parts of your body?
Do you have muscle weakness?
Do you have slow wound healing?
Are you experiencing decreased libido or sex drive?
Total Score:


Check your scores against the following results key. If your score is:
Below 11 - Vitamin or Nutrient Deficiency is unlikely
Between 12 - 18 - Vitamin or Nutrient Deficiency is a possibility
Above 18 -  Vitamin or Nutrient Deficiency is likely.  Further evaluation may be warranted.

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