HCG Weight Loss - My personal story


As you may know, the entire Wycoff Wellness Center's office staff is on the HCG Weight Loss Program (including me).  I am doing the HCG Complete Program which includes the appropriate supplements along with two measures to assist in detoxification - colon hydrotherapy & far infrared sauna.

I chose to do HCG injectable which is very easy with just a small injection (1/2 inch 30 gauge needle) each morning.

I lost 9 pounds on the detoxification (Phase 1) of the program and 1.5 pounds on the first two days of the HCG rapid weight loss phase.  I have felt great!  Lots of energy and very little hunger pains (I have to admit just a little).

Find more specifics about the HCG program by going to the Wycoff Wellness Center's web site at http://www.wycoffwellness.com/treatments/hcg-weight-loss-programs.

Keep following my blog for updates as my journey and the journey of the office staff continues.....


John O. Wycoff, D.O.