HCG Weight Loss Supplements

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Weight Loss is a great program to help you lose weight quickly and safely.  The HCG program uses a combination of a prescription hormone, HCG, along with a very specific low calorie eating program and appropriate nutrients to support healthy weight loss.

Find more information in the Treatments and Services sections of the web site that relate to the HCG Weight Loss Program.  Listed below are the key supplements that support weight loss on this program:

                     *  Multgenics IC

                     *  Metagenics EPA:DHA 720

                     *  MetaGlycemX

                     *  Ceralin Forte

                     *  Ultra Flora Plus DF

                     *  Vitamin D3

Just click on the specific supplement along the left hand column to find more detailed information about each.  Find out more about the HCG Weight Loss Program as well as the other methods the Wycoff Wellness Center has to improve your health and wellness naturally.

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