Chronic Disease Program

This is a comprehensive package of visits and treatments for patients with several or complicated medical issues.  This package begins with an initial one hour evaluation visit with Dr. Wycoff to ascertain your specific health issues and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  You will continue to see Dr. Wycoff once monthly for the next 5 months.  A total of 6 physician visits is included.

This package also includes use of all of the Wycoff Wellness Center treatment services.  This includes Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, Intravenous (IV) vitamin/mineral infusions and IV EDTA Chelation treatments.  You may receive up to 24 of these intravenous therpies in any combination over this 6-month period.  Also included are 5 IonCleanse Ionic Foot Bath detoxification treatments.  An electrocardiogram (ECG) is included.  Bioimpendance analysis with each visit is included.

This package is a good choice for many of our cancer patients or patients with autoimmune illness who may desire multiple modalities to help treat their disease and improve overall health.  This is also a good choice for patients with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Total cost - $3,600.00 (payable in 6 monthly installments of $600.00 each or $3,200.00 at initial visit).

Additional charges may apply for additional testing requested or required.

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