Male Hormonal Evaluation & Treatment

Males have hormones too!  Male hormone imbalance tends to develop over many years and the symptoms are often not easily identified and may be challenging to determine.

The Wycoff Wellness Center is mid-Michigan's expert for male hormone health.  Balancing male hormones are one of the 8 components for long term health optimization.

The Wycoff Wellness Center's approach to help achieve optimal male health uses the following protocol:

                *  An initial visit to review a comprehensive history and identify major concerns:

                                    *  An appropriate physical examination

                                    *  A Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) to determine cellular health & body compositon

                                    *  Coordination for the appropriate testing including blood, saliva or urine testing

                                    *  Initiate appropriate dietary and supplement changes

                  *  First follow up visit:

                                     *  Review of all diagnostic test results

                                     *  Initiation of appropriate bioidentical hormone replacement

                                     *  Fine tuning appropriate diet and supplement recommendations

                  *  Follow up visits:

                                      *  Typically every 6 to 12 weeks depending on severity of issues until stable

                                      *  Periodic follow up blood, saliva or urine testing as needed

Contact our office today to schedule your initial visit and begin the process of improving your health and wellness naturally!

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DHEA promotes healthy adrenal function. DHEA may modulate metabolism of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which may influence immune function, bone mass and body composition.

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