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TA-65 - A New Anti-Aging Supplement 

Can Slow Down - or Even Reverse Aging

And it can help you 

• Stay Young  • Live Longer  • Look and Feel Younger 

• Avoid Age-Related Diseases

Nobel Prize-Winning Technology Can Change the Way You Age

3 Nobel Prize Winning Scientists have unlocked the key to staying young...

and even reversing aging!

anti-aging TA-65

Three genetic scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for research on telomeres and the enzyme telomerase. They revolutionized the medical community’s understanding of aging. Now over 8,000 published studies confirm the association of telomeres with a longer healthspan. A remarkable enzyme can lengthen your telomeres and your life.

TA-65, a daily supplement, available now, may hold the secret to extreme longevity. And the supplement is an all natural enzyme that can actually reverse aging! It is available only through selected health care professionals.

 Dr. Wycoff is one of the first doctor’s certified to offer it!

Telomere Biology

“The most important anti-aging secret ever discovered”

1. The trillions of cells in your body have telomeres at the ends - like the caps on the ends of your shoelaces

2. Your cells can replicate themselves approximately 50 times during your lifespan

3. Each time they do, your telomeres get shorter - you grow older

4. An enzyme, telomerase, can lengthen them - and may prolong your life

5. Activating that enzyme may slow down, or even reverse, aging

About Telomeres and Telomerase and Aging


 What if...

 •  You suddenly had more energy and vitality?

 •  Your eyesight suddenly improved?

 •  You had increased flexibility and less pain?

In fact what if...

 Your total health suddenly improved?

Imagine feeling and every day. Imagine...growing younger - not older.

Now –

The new breakthroughs in Telomere Biology, together with Wycoff Wellness Center’s Comprehensive Anti-Aging Program, can provide you the keys to extending  your lifespan and your healthspan

Telomere Biology Anti-Aging Program

 Clinically proven to help                        Users Report -

 •  Support cognitive function                    •  Improved eyesight and hearing

 •  Support the immune system   •  Smoother, younger looking skin

 •  Maintain healthy bone density   •  Improved energy and weight loss

 •  Lengthen your telomeres    •  Lower blood sugar and cholesterol

What Users Say About Their Results from TA-65

TA-65 Reviews and Testimonials

Improved Eyesight


Feeling Younger and Healthier


Increased Flexibility and Managing Pain


Increased Energy and Vitality



TA-65 may be available at your doctor’s office 

sometime in the next 5 or 10 years...

Or...You can buy TA-65 here in Lansing at the Wycoff Wellness Center right now!

Dr. Wycoff even has sophisticated tests that can measure the length of your telomeres, and track your progress as they lengthen!


How do Telomeres Affect Your Health?

 •  There is a whole class of diseases caused by short telomeres.

 •  Most specialists are not aware of the root causes of the diseases they are treating

 •  Short telomeres seem to be involved with many diseases associated with aging


Short Telomeres May Contribute to 

Organ Failure and Many of the Diseases of Aging

 •   Cancer •   Liver  (hepatic cirrhosis)  

 •   Anemia   •   Leukemia   •  Pulmonary Fibrosis

 •   Stem cell failure leading to immune system failure and organ failure

A 2010 study at Harvard Medical School shows telomere shortening to be the root cause of cellular aging and mitochondrial degradation. Age-related decline, dysfunction, and a shortened lifespan are all related to telomere shortening. 

Studies show that people with shorter telomeres in their immune cells have twice the risk of death from heart failure as patients with the longest telomeres. And short telomeres appear to be associated with increased risks for bladder, head and neck, lung and renal cancers.

People who have transiently activated the Telomerase enzyme

have seen statistically significant improvements in -

•  Their Immune System •  Bone Density

•  Sexual Performance                •  Several Other Key Areas


Telomere Syndrome Diseases

 •  Cardiovascular   •  Skin Aging   • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 

 •  Cancer •  Macular Degeneration   •  Cri su Chat Syndrome

 •  COPD •  Liver Cirrhosis   •  Down's Syndrome

 •  Degenerative Discs •  Muscular Dystrophy •  Fanconi's Anemia

 •  Alzheimer's  •  Cell, Tissue Transplants •  Tuberous Sclerosis

 •  Osteoarthritis  •  AIDS   •  Werner's Syndrome

 •  Rheumatoid Arthritis   •  Progeria   •  And Aging Itself

 •  General Immunity  •  Dyskeratosis Congenita


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