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Thyroid Disorders


 Maybe It Is Your Thyroid!

The thyroid gland governs the body's metabolism and development through the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones set the body's metabolic rate, the rate at which our body's cells produce and utilize energy. If your thyroid gland was removed and you were not given supplemental thyroid you would slowly die. The thyroid hormones are essential for life.

 Metabolism regulator, thermostat control, and energy producer!

The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly and is located in your neck just at the front of the trachea, the area commonly known as the "Adam's Apple."  The thyroid gland produces two primary hormones: thyroxine, T4, the inactive prohormone and tri-iodothyronine, T3, the active intracellular hormone. Thyroxine (T4) is the more abundant hormone. It is produced about 4 times more than T3. In the cells of the body, one of the iodine molecules of the T4 hormone must be removed. T4 must be converted to the active form of thyroid hormone T3 in order to be effective.  T3 is 5 to 10 times more powerful than T4 and ultimately is the hormone that allows your cells to make adequate energy.

The thyroid hormones are secreted into the bloodstream and carried to each of the 100 trillion cells throughout the body. It is in the cells, not in the bloodstream, that the thyroid hormones accomplish their purpose of controlling your metabolism, regulating body temperature and increasing your energy level.

Low body temperature (basal body temperature) think hypothyroidism!

Thyroid hormones are carried in the bloodstream bound to protein, primarily thyroid binding globulin (TBG). Over 99% of the thyroid hormones produced by your thyroid gland is bound to TBG in the bloodstream. When bound to protein, thyroid hormones are inactive and cannot be utilized by the cells of the body.  Only about .05%, that is 5 parts in 10,000, of the thyroid hormones, remain unbound in the bloodstream. This is known as the free thyroid fraction (T4). Only the unbound, free thyroid can be assimilated into the cells of your body and converted into the active thyroid form T3.

The thyroid hormones are essential for normal growth and development in children. Thyroid hormones promote growth hormone secretion and independently promote growth in the peripheral tissues of the body. Insufficient thyroid hormone leads to growth failure by delaying bone growth and bone maturation.  A decline in thyroid hormones during pregnancy or in early childhood often decrease normal brain development.

 The Wycoff Wellness evaluates your thyroid function completely with the right tests!

Wycoff Wellness uses a comprehensive program to diagnose thyroid disorders. This begins with a complete history and physical examination.  Subtle physical examination findings that may be suggestive of thyroid problems include thinning of the outer 1/3 of your eyebrows and/or teeth indentation of the tongue. We also suggest you measure your basal body temperature. Your basal body temperature is the temperature you have first thing in the morning, even before you rise from bed. A normal basal body temperature is between 97.8 degrees and 98.2 degrees if you take your temperature orally (96.8 - 97.2 if taken under your arm).

After reviewing your comprehensive history and complete physical examination certain additional tests may help us in arriving at a correct diagnosis. These are very simple blood tests. The Wycoff Wellness Center will assist you in obtaining the correct tests and in the interpretation of these tests. Many physicians will rely on only one test, the TSH test, to assess your thyroid function. When this test is returned as within the "normal" range, you are told your problems could not be related to your thyroid.  Unfortunately, the TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone test is not even a thyroid test.  It is a test that measures the ability of the pituitary gland to produce thyroid hormone and not the ability of the thyroid gland to function normally.  It is not sufficient to only obtain a TSH and make the conclusion that your thyroid function is normal.  This is just bad medicine!

Get the correct tests!

We know that a complete thyroid assessment not only requires a TSH test but additional blood tests such as a free T4 level, total T3 level, thyroid antibody determination and a reverse T3 level. We know that to arrive at a correct diagnosis we must combine all of this information together and interpret the tests correctly to find the answers to your symptoms. The entire Wycoff Wellness Center staff prides itself on their ability to listen completely to our patients and obtain the appropriate testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Support and replace thyroid hormones with natural bioidentical hormones!

Treatment of low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) is accomplished by replacing needed thyroid hormones and supporting your natural thyroid function. We may recommend thyroid replacement with natural Armour Thyroid. Armour Thyroid is derived from animals but is bioidentical to human thyroid hormone. Unlike synthetic thyroid replacements (Synthyroid, Levothyroid or Unithyroid) natural Armour Thyroid contains both T4 and T3 in a ratio identical to human thyroid. Synthetic thyroid contains only T4, they contain absolutely no T3.

In certain patients and clinical situations, Armour thyroid may not be effective or well tolerated. In these cases, we will work with you to find the best thyroid replacement to ensure improvement in your thyroid symptoms and optimizing your health.

We also try to support your thyroid in a natural way. We may recommend changes in your diet along with appropriate vitamin and mineral supplementation to support your thyroid's health. Our comprehensive approach to your thyroid health will result in restoration of your normal thyroid function and improvement in your general health.

Wycoff Wellness is mid-Michigan's expert in the evaluation of thyroid disorders.  Find out if we can be of help to you.

If you are sick and tired of being tired and sick call today and schedule your initial appointment.

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I've tried everything and I can't lose weight! I just don't have any energy anymore! Maybe it is your thyroid?
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