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The Wycoff Wellness approach to enhance infertility is distinctly different from a conventional gynecologist or infertility specialist.  We have an array of diagnostic and treatment options that may help uncover the primary reason for infertility.


Although there are many reasons for infertility, common causes include:

• Hormonal imbalance
• Insulin resistance
• Chronic yeast overgrowth
• Underlying thyroid issues 

These areas are not always well understood or appreciated by most physicians.


The Wycoff Wellness approach to enhance fertility is to look at each of these areas in detail and try and determine if these problems are contributing to your infertility issues.


Infertility can be broken down into three broad categories:  Female related issues, male related issues and a combination of female/male related issues.  Each of these subgroups accounts for approximately 33% of the reason a couple may struggle with fertility.

It is estimated that 8% of couples worldwide experience infertility problems, with estimates in the United States as high as 1 in every 6 couples.  The emotional, social and economic impact of infertility is devastating. 

Both male and female issues may contribute to infertility.  The Wycoff Wellness is uniquely able to evaluate both men and women and determine potential underlying barriers to a successful pregnancy.

If you are facing fertility problems contact the Wycoff Wellness Center today and schedule your initial visit to see if we can be of help in your ability to conceive your beautiful child!  Call today and schedule your initial consultation!

Infertility is a common and frustrating problem. Female and male issues relate to fertility issues. The Wycoff Wellness Center's approach emphasizes a different approach and natural soluti
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