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Ionic Cleanse Foot Detoxification


Toxins play a part in a myriad of health problems. These problems affect our minds and our bodies every minute of our lives.

Exposure to toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury) and pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, and fungus have become impossible to avoid and even more difficult to remove once they have embedded themselves into our tissues.

Detoxification is a process we must all do to be healthy. Our environment is becoming increasingly toxic. The ability to detoxify is clearly important to wellness.

Wycoff Wellness believes that detoxification is an important part of maintaining health and wellness naturally, and has several methods to assist your body and improve your body's ability to detoxify

The IonCleanse Ionic Foot Bath Treatment

The IonCleanse ionic foot bath treatment is one of the important tools used by Wycoff Wellness for assisting in the process of detoxification.  It is relaxing, easy-to-use, and highly effective. For other Wycoff Wellness tools, and for more information about detoxification, please see Detoxification in the section on Issues.


In Office Treatments:

Established Wycoff Wellness patients:

  • IonCleanse ionic foot bath treatment - $25 per treatment
  • Purchase 9 treatments and receive your 10th treatment for free (discount card option)

New Wycoff Wellness patients:

  • Initial consultation with Dr. Wycoff and your first IonCleanse ionic foot bath treatment - $50
  • IonCleanse ionic foot bath treatments - $25 per treatment
  • Package IonCleanse foot bath treatments is an option.  Contact Wycoff Wellness staff for details.

For Treatments in Your Own Home:

IonCleanse Ionic Foot Bath Systems are available for rent or for purchase.

If you are receiving significant health benefits from your IonCleanse treatments, you may consider purchasing your own unit. We also offer rental options at one-month rental intervals. We have special pricing options available to Wycoff Wellness Center patients who wish to rent (typical rental - one month) or to purchase their own IonCleanse Ionic Foot Bath System. Please contact any of our staff to obtain additional information about purchasing or renting an IonCleanse system!

Rental rates:

Rent the IonCleanse Ionic Bath System for 30 days to use in your home - only $300 per month!  Use for as many people as your desire (please see recommended and appropriate uses).

To schedule an appointment for an IonCleanse Ionic Foot Bath –
or for more
 contact any of our staff to obtain additional information
about purchasing or renting an IonCleanse system –
please call The Wycoff Wellness Center today!

Ionic foot cleansing is an easy and safe way to remove toxic metals!
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