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Discount Laboratory Testing

Discount Laboratory Testing - Currently NOT available

Available at the 

Wycoff Wellness Center!


The cost of laboratory tests, even routine tests, can be very expensive. It is fairly easy to incur over $2,000 just for a few basic tests. Your out-of-pocket costs for needed and important testing can be cost prohibitive. The Wycoff Wellness Center understands your concern and has a potential solution. 

Get the right tests and save money!

The Wycoff Wellness Center has partnered with Restore Health Pharmacy and Lab Corp of Illinois to bring significant discounted laboratory testing to you. You can receive up to a 75% discount over typical costs per test for nearly all common laboratory testing that you may need. This includes testing such as complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel and all thyroid testing. 

Click here to learn more about Restore Health Pharmacy! 

See below for a few specific examples of our discounted pricing:

Blood Test                                           Local Lab (cost)              Wycoff Wellness Center (cost)                                 


Metabolic Panel                                                                                 

Lipid Panel                                                                                         

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)                                                   

Total T3                                                          

Free T4                                                            

These are just a few examples of discount pricing available on over 60 common laboratory tests you may routinely need or want to have performed. This option is of great value for patients if you:

  • Have no laboratory insurance
  • Have no medical insurance 
  • Have a high deductible insurance plan
  • Have a medical savings or health savings account
  • Desire the greatest value from your health care dollar
  • Desire increased confidentiality for your testing

Obtaining these tests is easy. You do not have to go to the hospital or wait at some impersonal laboratory location. You just arrange to have your blood sample obtained at the Wycoff Wellness Center. We arrange to have your blood sample shipped to Lab Corp and the results will be returned to our office in just a few days. It's that simple and all you will see is a major savings in the dollars spent. 

To learn more about this exciting option for most of your laboratory testing need contact a representative at the Wycoff Wellness Center.

Call (517) 333-7270 or toll free at (800) 471-0255 for more details.

Please note:  Discount laboratory testing is ONLY available for established patients of the Wycoff Wellness Center.  You must be a current/established patient to take advantage of this discount laboratory option.

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Discount laboratory testing in available to Wycoff Wellness Center patients. Save up to 75% or more on most common testing you need!
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