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Female Hormone Evaluation & Treatment

The Wycoff Wellness Center is mid-Michigan's expert for female hormonal health.  Balancing female hormones are one of the 8 componets for long term health.

The Wycoff Wellness Center's approach to determining optimal female health follows the following protocol:

                *  An initial visit to review a comprehensive history and identify major concerns:

                                    *  An appropriate physical examination.

                                    *  A Bioimpendance Analysis (BIA) to determine cellular health & body compositon.

                                    *  Cooridination for the appropriate testing including blood, saliva or urine testing.

                                    *  Initiate appropriate dietary and supplement changes.

                  *  First follow up visit:

                                     *  Review of all diagnostic test results.

                                     *  Initiation of appropriate bioidentical hormone replacement.

                                     *  Fine tuning appropriate diet and supplement recommendations.

                  *  Follow up visits:

                                      *  Typically every 6 to 12 weeks depending on severity of issues until stable.

                                      *  Periodic follow up blood, saliva or urine testing.



Female hormone balance is one of the Wycoff Wellness Center's 8 components of long term health. The Wycoff Wellness Center only uses bioidentical hormones to restore hormone balance.
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