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Breast Cancer


As an educated patient, you have a choice in your health matters. It's important to understand all of your options. There are times when the patient will be best served by receiving conventional cancer therapy. Alternative therapies, however, such as those offered at The Wycoff Wellness Center, can serve as a complement to conventional cancer treatments. We have found that our adjunctive therapies potentiates the effectiveness of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy against cancer cells, while diminishing the negative effects to the healthy cells; this tends to result in less unwarranted side effects.

The Wycoff Wellness Center offers a variety of alternative treatments for cancer patients including:

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)

• Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C Infusions

• Nutritional Supplementation in Cancer Treatment

• Colon Hydrotherapy

• Far Infrared Sauna

• Detoxification

• Cesium Protocol (high pH therapy)

The Wycoff Wellness Center's alternative cancer treatments provide you distinctly different options for the treatment of cancer.

To learn more about these treatments please see the article Alternative Cancer Treatments in the Issues section of our website, as well as the individual articles on each of the specific treatments.


What is the precise cause of breast cancer? Even the experts are not exactly sure. Most likely the cause is due to a myriad of reasons such as genetics, environment, diet (high in processed sugars and fats), lack of exercise, exposure to various chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and exposure to various hormones at different times of our lives such as birth control pills, hormones in the food supply and the like. These are some of the factors that may, in any specific individual, allow healthy breast cells to become cancerous.

In understanding breast cancer it's helpful to be aware of the role of hormones in breast cancer, as well as in your over-all health and well being.


It is important to understand the difference between synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones


Ever since the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study was published in 2002, tremendous controversy has existed about whether or not women should use synthetic hormones - synthetic estrogen (Premarin), or synthetic estrogen and progesterone combination (Prempro) after menopause. Following the study, tens of thousands of women were either not offered any type of hormone replacement for their menopausal symptoms, or taken off these prescriptions that allowed these women to fully enjoy the quality of their lives without the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal dryness and weight gain.

The WHI Study was stopped early due to concerns about an increased potential for patients being treated with Premarin and Prempro to develop breast cancer, heart disease, strokes and blood clots. This study looked at the impact of Premarin (derived from pregnant mares urine – hence its name) – either alone or in combination with Provera (medroxyprogesterone), a synthetic progestin called Prempro.

The study seemed to show that the synthetic progestin, the Provera part of the study, could to lead to most of the significant health problems.


This study did not look at bioidentical forms of estrogen or progesterone.  Bioidentical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body.By contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different. Drug companies can’t patent a bioidentical structure, so they invented synthetic hormones that are patentable such as Premarin, Provera and Prempro.

Bioidentical hormones have been available for decades, yet many physicians are unaware or unfamiliar with them. Bioidentical hormones can be prescribed to any patient based on their specific needs. Appropriate testing, usually a combination or blood, saliva or urinary tests, can help guide your physician to replace the specific hormones that you require to improve your symptoms.

The Wycoff Wellness Center is concerned about the incidence of breast cancer in the United States and Dr. Wycoff advises his patients to learn more about the controversy of hormonal replacement and understand the difference between synthetic versus bioidentical hormone replacement.


Achieving hormonal balance, especially with the two major female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, is critical to reducing your risk of developing many health problems related to aging including breast cancer.

Multiple studies in Europe have shown no increase in the risk of breast cancer in women treated with bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT). The most recent study, the French Cohort study, looked at this specific issue and found no increase in the risk of breast cancer, heart disease or blood clots in patients treated with appropriate bioidentical hormone replacement. Even the WHI study has been reexamined, and we are finding that many of the conclusions initially reached may have been premature and the results may not be as dramatic as originally thought.

 None the less, the conclusions reached have made patients and physicians afraid to use any type of hormone replacement to help women with the multitude of symptoms that affects their day to day lives.

 So, as a patient concerned about the ravaging affects of menopause andconcerned about breast cancer, what should you do?


Dr. Wycoff states that, as a clinician, he is impressed on a daily basis by how effectively bioidentical hormones reverse the problems and diseases of aging. He sees his clients improve their cholesterol levels, blood sugar, memory and mood disorders.

After menopause, cardiovascular disease typically increases to the level of men and is the largest cause of death in women. Bioidentical hormones help protect the heart, decrease the risks of stroke, and they reduce hypertension.

Bioidentical hormones also protect and strengthen bones and improve arthritis and osteoporosis. And bioidentical hormones can help you to fully enjoy the quality of your life without the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal dryness and weight gain.

At the Wycoff Wellness Center Dr. Wycoff has treated thousands of women with bioidentical hormones with consistently good outcomes. He strives to be on the crest of new and evolving scientific knowledge, and above all he applies his knowledge to follow the physician's oath "to do no harm" to the patients who trust him with their health.

The Wycoff Wellness Center emphasizes the importance of appreciating that factors such as diet, exercise, decreasing toxins, stress reduction and appropriate supplements are all a part of restoring and maintaining health and wellness naturally. Call the Wycoff Wellness Center today to learn more about finding the best health solution that meets your specific needs!


The causes of breast cancer are not well understood. Find out about the Wycoff Wellness Center's approach to treating and preventing breast cancer.
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