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 Alternative Treatments for Cancer Patients


We insist that all cancer patients receive a traditional cancer evaluation by the oncologist of their choice, prior to our evaluation.  There will be times when the patient will be best served to receive chemotherapy, radiation therapy and antioxidant therapy.  It is not our intent to imply that our cancer therapy should function as a replacement for traditional cancer treatment.  Rather, our therapies should serve as a complement to conventional cancer therapy.

We have found that our adjunctive therapies:

• Potentiate the effectiveness of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy against cancer cells
• Diminishing the negative effects on the healthy cells
• Reduces unwarranted side effects

At the Wycoff Wellness Center, we require that certain testing is done before initiating any type of treatment.  Additional testing may be needed during the course of your treatments to follow the progression or regression of the disease.  We request that you bring to your initial appointment copies of any blood testing or imaging tests (ultrasounds, x-rays, bone scans, CT scans, MRI’s or PET scans) as they are helpful in our evaluation.


All of our cancer patients are encouraged to following follow a specific eating plan.  Overall, we feel that cancer treatment prognosis is increased by creating an environment of increased intracellular pH.  The basis of obtaining this type of cellular environment is your diet.  

You must eliminate ALL sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.  Our office will provide you with dietary and nutritional guidelines so you may be able to eat healthy.  for healthy food choices. We will provide to our cancer patients, a booklet from The Cancer Project titled “The Survivor’s Handbook – Eating Right for Cancer Survival” as a guide for healthy eating.  This booklet is available at our office.  The Wycoff Wellness Center also offers for purchase a book titled, The Cancer Survivors Guide - Eating Right to Fight Cancer.  Please contact our office for additional information regarding about obtaining this excellent cancer diet resource.


A healthy lifestyle is also paramount vital for to increase increasing the chances of a successful outcome.  This includes not only a healthy eating for life plan but also:

• Drinking plenty of purified water
• Reducing chemical exposure wherever possible
• Regular exercise 
• Daily fresh air inhalation is always helpful. 

Smoking any type of substance, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol must be avoided.


For many cancers, we also try and increase intracellular pH with a mineral supplement, Cesium Chloride.  Cesium is a liquid taken once or twice daily that will effectively raise your intracellular pH.  Please find additional information on our website under “Alternative Cancer Treatments & Services.”


Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) is a simple, painless and safe treatment for many types of cancer.  It involves exposing 200 ccs of blood (about the amount in a typical 6-ounce glass of water) to two frequencies of ultraviolet light.  The effect of the ultraviolet light is to stimulate cellular immunity and transmit energy to the blood.  UBI, sometimes called photoluminescence, brings balance back to your blood and allows your natural immunity to improve in order to fight cancer.


Intravenous Vitamin C infusions may be recommended for treatment of cancer.  Since the 1970’s, when Linus Pauling administered high doses of vitamin C to cancer patients, this treatment has been used and found to be an effective treatment option.  High doses of vitamin C are required in order to be effective.  Vitamin C infusions between 15 grams and 60 grams per treatment are typically infused.  Doses this high require intravenous access infusions as your intestinal tract will not tolerate this high of dosage doses this high.  Our Vitamin C infusions contain various other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. and Together with glutathione, that they work in concert to increase the effectiveness of the vitamin C.


We also recommend certain supplements for many of our cancer patients and implement these nutritional products into the treatment plan.  Various supplements help strengthen the immune system and may help inhibit cancer cell growth.


Our goal At the Wycoff Wellness Center is to provide you with a comprehensive array of alternative treatments for cancer.  We will individualize our approach to your specific needs and disease.  Feel free to visit the rest of our website or contact the office with any questions.

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The Wycoff Wellness Center offer a number of alternative treatments of cancer treatment & prevention. Find more about our approach to cancer treatment!
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